These tips are all Access Consciousness pragmatic tools. It's based on the philosophy of "Asking questions without having an answer."


When you don't go into conclusions of how things show up, you don't limit yourself to see all the possibilities for change when they are presented to you. Try it out, it might change your entire life.


Remember when you were a kid, nothing was impossible. Then you got infected with the grow up disease "That will never work", "You can't do that", "Dream on mate", "This is how it's always been” What if you could start creating beyond this limiting way of functioning? 


Just like the How does it get... question; you can use this question in all situations. Then you win $40 or $1,000,000 in the lottery. What else is possible? When you wake up sick. What else is possible? 

What is everything was possible?


Whatever you've got going on - great on not so great, it can always get better. How does it get any better than this? Are you willing to ask for it?  


This question is your invitation for something better to show up in your life. Use it in all situations if you like to have more then you ever dreamed of. When your sad, low in energy, got a bill you didn't expect.

What if it's time to stop setteling?

What if it's time for you to have more of everything you like in your life?


What if everything is just an interesting point of view? What is nothing is right and nothing is wrong? What if you didn't have any judgments about your body and no conclusions about what would be go for it and what isn't?  


A friend of mine wanted to loose weight. She didn't go on a special diet or training plan. She used this tool "Interesting point of view, that I have that point of view" every time she went into judgment or conclusions about her body and how she should treat it.  


What if you could choose what works for you today, this moment and not go into "this worked last time" or "I shouldn't be eating this" or "I should exercise more" 


How many points of views are you picking up and buy into, that never been your point of view? How much are you creating your life from other people’s points of view of what is right and what is wrong?   


What is 98 % of all of your thoughts, feelings and emotions isn't yours at all? What would you create then? How much peace would you have in your head and your body if you returned all of that to sender?  


Try asking the question, "Who does this belong to" every time you have a thought, feeling or an emotion. If it feels light and spacey it's not yours. Then return it to sender with consciousness attaches. You don't have to know where you got it from. Does that give you more ease in you body and mind?


Food is often used as comfort, just see little babies, if they cry they get something stuffed into their mouths, a breast, a bottle or a pacifier.  


So how often do we eat, even if we ain't hungry? What if we could start asking our body if it's hungry, even when we feel hunger?  How often is it someone elses hunger we are aware of and we buy as ours? If it's not yours return it to sender. If it is yours, you could ask your body what it would like to eat.   


After I started asking these question I have cut down my food indtake with 75%. And I am more healthy than I been in the past, even if I eat way more cream, sugar and other thing considered unhealthy in this reality.


Imagin what would happen if you let your body deside what would be nurtering for you and your body?  


The reason we have a body is so we can sence things. And as the creator of your body, youhave created it to match what you would like in your life. So your body knows what you like and don't like. And when you ask it it will gift you a answer without the judgments about whats right og wrong. What it use to like and don't like.  


How do you think your life would be like if you started trusting and listining to your body? Would life be more fun? More orgasmic? More joyful?    Are you willing to give it a go? 

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