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Jacob Malloy



3 sessions delivered virtually during lockdown: Thoroughly enjoyed Dorthemie's session. Full of helpful techniques and ways to change negative thoughts. Just listening /watching her made the afternoon brighter. As I said a book would be good to have. Thanks Dorthemie. 



I've been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and have continual stress, leading to tension headaches, as well as managing painful joints ect. Dorthemie treated me with Access Bars while having an attack of the mentioned symptoms. She released the tension I had been experiencing and gave me a feeling of peace and contentment within.... creating balance. I felt in very safe and capable hands.

Sue Bennett



Dorthemie what can I say 💕 .. I had the most Most Amazing day today Training In Access Consciousness Bars Therapy 💕 you made me so Welcome and I learnt so much from you x I absolutely loved giving and receiving the Therapy and I'm left Feeling so Relaxed pain free from tension in my neck and feeling lighter ! 🙏🏻 can't wait to give my clients this Wonderful Treatment . A pleasure to meet you 💕 xxx

Gabriela  Byrne



My first experience of bars therapy with Dorthemie was delightful. It was totally unexpected and I had experiences that were soul nourishing and uplifting. A tremendous amount of energy moving through my body and visualizations that I was expecting. Dorthemie was comforting and her presence and touch is soft and nurturing. I enjoyed the treatment thoroughly, although currently I have nothing that I need to shift as such I would definitely use the bar's therapy again should I feel I need to.

Lorraine Fletcher



You created a space of vulnerability, honesty, kindness and transformation for each of us in the class to truly step into our true selves even more and it is such a gift! You are incredibly brilliant!!

Nicole Clarke



“A big thank you, for your wonderful Access Bars Healing this afternoon and also to my lovely daughter for arranging it. As a fibromyalgia sufferer I am open to any help available and would totally recommend Dorthemie. She has also helped me a great deal with tips to change my thinking in a more positive direction.”

Nikki Ford



I wanted to write this to let people know how wonderful The BARS is and how much it helped me to regain my energy and helped with my chronic pain.  It really brings awareness to you about things that are happening around you. I have Chronic Fatigue syndrome and Fibromyalgia and numerous other health conditions. Donna told me about BARS and asked if I would be interested in trying this to see if it helped. All I can say is that it is wonderful and helped with my pain and energy levels.  My family was amazed at how much more energy I had and didn't have pain for the first time in years (even with pain medication). I am amazed and so thankful that I listened and had the treatments. Also I would like to add that the treatments are very calming and peaceful. If you are considering this, don't hesitate! It was one of the best things that happened to me... 

Jenny Taylor



“I have had 3 treatments recently from Dorthemie, the benefits have been amazing. I had a lot of anxiety from a looming court case and felt overwhelmed with life, very tired all the time and no energy at all. Since the treatments I have been able to get a lot of the jobs that were piling up out the way, I’m a lot more upbeat and the anxiety has gone. Thank you so much Dorthemie”

Amanda Elenora Wood



How can this even be true? What did you do? When I left you yesterday I thought, what a waste of time, she only pulled my leg for a period of time and the rest of the time resting her hands on my hips. What a scam. But today I got out of bed and the stiffness in my legs and my pelvis wasn't there, What the F...! I just can't believe it. And you know what, I'm happy to! My husband said "If I believed in miracles, I would say this is one of them" I guess he is happy too. I'm so very grateful for you and whatever you did to my body. You have made my day! 




For 10 years I suffered with pain in my right leg.  Not being one for going to the doctor only to be prescribed tablets, I tried a number of alternative therapies with limited success. In May I had a series of sessions with Dorthemie since when I have been virtually pain free. I feel the pain was triggered by tension as my shoulders were regularly hunched up.  My body is now much more relaxed but I will go to see Dorthemie if ever I feel the tension reappearing. I’ll also go periodically just for the pleasure of experiencing total relaxation with Access Bars.




I thought I’d take the time to say thank you for a wonderful experience today. The way you allowed me into your trust, and the way you made me feel was just wonderful on so many levels…spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Mary Ann



“I have a Aspergers Syndrome, a high functioning form of Autism. I heard about Access Bars from my friend. He, like me, has Aspergers Syndrome and suffers from stress and depression. Prior going to Gentle Touch he would be down and seem to have no energy. He had some 'Bars' sessions, I noticed he had changed, becoming calmer and coping more with life.

I was going through a rough patch a few weeks ago after being made redundant. I believe I was on the borders of depression and would focus on paranoia's, making mountains out of molehills. After my first Access Bars session I felt much better and I have had a weekly appointment since. Dorthemie has been very friendly, reassuring and I look forward to my sessions.

I now have a renewed attitude to job seeking. I am no longer thinking 'I am not good enough' I am thinking 'let's have a go.' I have also relaxed, the therapy has definitely helped me as life's problems are not blown out of proportion, and I am not making mountains out of molehills. I recommend Dorthemie Svane wholeheartedly.”




This was what I was looking for! I was looking to create in a different way, with more ease, on another level, to become a phenomenal creator. Thanks for that! What surprised me is that it went way further than only for my work…it also includes my life & living, my behaviour, my vision, and so much more awareness! It gave me a lot of inside information about how I was creating on different levels and how I was limiting myself!! So awesome to see that, and to get this awareness and to clear those limits! You made me very happy with this class. So grateful for this.

Elizabeth Jane



Your processing and facilitation was life changing. I am still amazed at what showed up for me and the truth that the Universe has my back! My life is forever changed! With Total gratitude!


“Dorthemie's ability to read the energy is extraordinary. I first went to her for my back, and now not only has that changed, I have more ease in my body, and things I only dreamed of are showing up in my life: more money, fun, sex and an overall ease and lightness in everything I create now!

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