What if you didn’t have to prove anything?

Wrote this one and a half year ago, now it's time to post it!

In the beginning of the year I did a 3 x free tele calls on different subjects. This series of call was mend to be the springboard to start doing more tele call’s in the future.

I was so exited about them and around 160 people signed up. Wiiii…. How does it gat any better than that?

I went in the same way I always do, totally unprepared. I normally just follow the energy and go from there. So what happened on the first call? No one called in. Arhhhhh…. I went into total panic and the wrongness of me. I felt like a complete failure. I repeated my self, stammered, and crumbled into a dried impotent piece of crap.

Normally I can talk and talk and talk for hours – but here I was so invested in the outcome so I tripped and fell flat on my face. I just wanted to die, literally.

A 1000 times “Thank you” to the people who gave me feedback about the call the next day. I mean it you saved me that day. I’m so grateful for that. Thank you from all my being.

How much have we been stopping our self by being invested in the outcome? I have done that a lot in my life. Most of my life I have been creating from the point of “I need validation, a pad on the head and someone to tell me that I’m good enough” NOT ANY MORE – THIS IS CHANGING NOW.

What if we didn’t have to prove anything, to anyone? What if we could just do it for the fun of it, no matter what it creates? If it doesn’t work we can always choose something else.

I did the “Creator, Connector, Mover call” with Lisa Murray. That call made me see things in a different perspective and more important me in a different perspective.

Now there is no charge on “Doing the tele call’s” and I must say I love it. Now I can do or not do tele call’s from total choice instead of some kind of proving.

I realised, if things is done from proving and it doesn’t work, I have gone into, “I have to do it again”, just to prove that I can or just to make sure that it really didn’t work in the first place. How stupid is that?

And how much has that been stopping me in creating from the joy?

I tell you the level of joy is HUUUUUUUGE at the moment. And creating is so much more fun after I have let go of the “proving”.

How much fun can you have if you didn’t have to prove anything to yourself or others?

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