Den danske udgave kommer snart

Alle de kropsbehandlinger som jeg tilbyder er i bund og grund designet til at give dig muligheden for at ændre hele dit liv. Om det så handler om at slippe for smerter, få mere glæde, mere ro eller mere klarhed over hvad du ønsker i livet.


Jeg arbejder udfra den filosofi at DU vælger hvad du gerne vil have ændret, om det så er bevidst eller ubevidst, så er det DIT valg og ingen andens.

Min rolle som behandler er rydde ud og fjerne de hurdler som forhindre dig i at opnå lige netop det som du ønsker. Jeg åbner dørene for dig, så bliver muligt for dig at træde frem, men det er dig som skal tage skridtet. Jeg kan ikke tage det for dig.

What if your body was as conscious as you are? What if it could be your partner in your life journey? What if your body was actually more conscious than you are? Would you be willing to listen to it?

What if the consciousness you are seeking was only possible by including your body in the process? There is potency and deep nurturing possible with facilitating through a hands-on process. These exquisite processes can be relaxing, joyful and life changing. How does it get better than that? What if we could access the awareness we are hiding away? Access the awareness, so we don't have to create dis-ease in our body? What if we could have total ease in and with our body? Being with our body without judgments

Access Body Processes are the most powerful tools for change I personally ever have encountered, and I have encountered many.

Someone asked me why I thought these processes were more effective. My interesting point of view is these Access Body Processes actually release the body from the points of view that caused the dis-ease in the first place. Science now confirms our points of view politicize cells, which are the beginning of dis–ease. These processes allow the cells to let go of the points of view and return the cells to their original state.

Hands on bodywork designed to find and release tight, painful and dense tissue, to eliminate pain, improve strength increase body awareness and your freedom of movement.

I combines my background in Access Bodywork, Tensegrity, cranial sacral, healing and the verbal Access Clearings. I'm inviting your body to change anything you ask for of changes in your body and in your life in generally.

Along with hands on work, patients will receive an education and tools to enhance their movement awareness, structural integrity and perception of their body. Patients report decreased pain, improved mobility and the feeling of more space in their bodies and lives.